Manage All Your Repos with Myrepos

I’ve been meaning to write a script to check all my repos for unpushed / uncommited code. Mostly to ensure I push everything before I shutdown. It could let me know I have uncommitted code in my i3 status bar.

I recently found myrepos by Joey Hess, which lets you manage all your repos at the same time. You register each repo, and then can run mr status to check the status of every repo you have. This should make writing that script much more convenient. It may be possible to write it as a custom mr command.

I registered most of my repos by runing this within my code directory:

ls | while read x; do cd $x; mr register; cd ..; done

and then manually registering any with non-standard layouts.

I recently switched to void linux and was able to reproduce my code directory just by running mr checkout and having it clone all my repos for me.

Awesome stuff. I need to checkout the rest of Joey Hess’ software.
Etckeeper and git-annex seem especially promising.