Wiki on Void Linux

GHC-7.8.4 depends on, which is apparently bundled into on Void Linux. Problems related to this can be fixed by symlinking libncurses to libtinfo:

cd /usr/lib; sudo ln -s

Fixing Hip Impingment

See comment about existing conditions.

24 bit truecolor in the terminal and vim.

How to learn the Haskell Foreign Function Interface (FFI):

This post from codygman on the haskell reddit:

If you want to try writing some bindings yourself to mp4v2, here are some resources:

The only part that I didn't find immediately obvious was the need to sometimes block the Haskell RTS.

example in mysql library

Here's the effect of not blocking the Haskell RTS in FFI code:

Some more resources on Haskell/FFI:

Haskell ffi basics presentation

Dual Booting DragonflyBSD

My grub confiog with Debian as the first partition and DragonflyBSD on the second. Both use dm-crypt/luks full disk encrytpion:

menuentry "DragonflyBSD" {
	set root='(hd0, 3)'
	chainloader +1 (hd0,2)

I wish I could remember how I figured this out.